About the Trust

A key requirement of City Guilds and Livery Companies is the undertaking of charitable activities for the benefit of the public. The Human Resource Professionals Charitable Trust has been established as an independent arm of the Guild of Human Resource Professionals to make awards which meet the objects of its Trust Deed.

  • Advance education and training in developments in the practice of Human Resources, including methodologies to promote effective workplace culture.
  • Award prizes for innovation or excellence in human resource practice which support humanity at work.
  • Award bursaries and grants to support developments in workplace culture and other aspects of people management which improve working lives. This would be for the benefit of charities, community groups and other not-for-profit organisations.
  • Provide benevolence to charities who facilitate employment or re-entry into the workplace via training or the provision of tools and resources.
  • Support the City of London Corporation and the Lord Mayor of the City of London with their initiatives which create employment or improve working lives.